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Nonprofit Tools, 2015

In 2015, Bridgespan conducted a study about ‘tool use’ among nonprofits. Then they collected the most helpful tools and made them available to you in one place! Dive in now!

Nonprofit Leadership Development Toolkit

This multi-step leadership development resource is designed to help you build a leadership pipeline in your organization.

How to Build a Hiring Team

This toolkit will help you build a successful hiring team, timeline the hiring process, and assign roles and responsibilities to team members.

Donor Relations: Expressing Gratitude

Not sure how to design a successful donor thank you? Download this infographic and bring it to you next planning meeting.

How to Write an Effective Statement of Need

Cindy Adams, the CEO of GrantStation and author of this post on GuideStar’s blog, presents four basic questions that you should consider when you write a statement of need.


Social Determinants of Health and HIV

Watch this 10 minute video to learn about the relationship between HIV and the Social Determinants of Health.


Social Determinants of Health Overview

Social determinants of health are things that we all know about and think about on a daily basis, from our lunches, to how we get to work, to where we work, to how we relate to the people and the communities around us. Watch this 6 min. 40 sec. video to learn more.

University of Wisconsin Logic Model Teaching Guide

Do you need to teach other people how to create a logic model? Click here for a facilitator guide from the University of Wisconsin.

Language Access Development Guide

Language access is critical for healthcare. Use this guide to revise or develop a policy for your clinic.

CROI 2016: HCV and HIV-1 Treatment

Watch this short (28 minutes) presentation from CROI 2016 and learn about Hepatitis C treatment for a patient co-infected with HIV.