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Organizational Sustainability (305)


Crafting Appreciative Inquiry Based Questions

Appreciative inquiry is a strengths-based approach to problem solving. Click here to learn more about Appreciative Inquiry and how to create Appreciative-Inquiry based questions.


Common CDC Evaluation Expectations

Are you curious to know what a federal funder expects from the evaluation section of your grant proposal? Read this list to learn more.


Activity Guide: Assumptions and Impact

This exercise is intended to help employees discuss the relationship between personal opinions, feelings and assumptions, and delivering HIV prevention and care services.


Webinar Slides: Got Board Sense?

Do you want to learn how to maximize the role of your Board of Directors? Read this presentation now!


Leadership Science

This downloadable article from The New Yorker magazine answers the question “How much do we really know about what makes a great leader?” Click here to find out.


Emotional Intelligence: An Introduction

What is emotional intelligence? Not sure? Read this document.

Building Buy-in for Third Party Billing

Read this factsheet and learn about statute barriers and what changes may be necessary before your health department can begin submitting claims for third party billing.


Board of Directors – Roles Overview

What is Board Secretary? What is the purpose of the Vice Chair? Read this document to learn the answers to these question.


Leadership Tutorial: What is Emotional Intelligence?

Begin increasing your emotional intelligence by watching this five-minute video from

HIV Prevention Programs and Reimbursement for HIV testing: Update (2013)

If you are looking for a national overview of the impact of HIV testing reimbursement at a health department level, these slides are worthwhile reading.