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HIV Testing (35)

Integrating HIV Testing in Primary Care

Are you integrating HIV testing into primary care visits? Read these resources from our colleagues at HIP in Healthcare.

Delivering HIV Rapid Test Results in the Field

Click here for a 35-minute video demonstration of counseling approaches for effectively and compassionately delivering HIV test results.

HIV Testing and Millenials: A Review of 2016 Pediatrics Publication

Are you a communications specialist looking for some good data on HIV testing and millenials? Read this short article published by Mic.

CDC’s Beta HIV Risk Tool

CDC created an online tool to help people assess their risk for HIV contraction. Click here to see it in action!

HIV Testing and Pregnancy Toolkit

PROCEED Inc.’s HIV Testing and Pregnancy Toolkit is designed “to help organizations reduce perinatal HIV infections in their communities. The kit includes reference guides, fact sheets, brochures and information on topics related to HIV and pregnancy.”


Common CDC Evaluation Expectations

Are you curious to know what a federal funder expects from the evaluation section of your grant proposal? Read this list to learn more.

HIV Prevention Programs and Reimbursement for HIV testing: Update (2013)

If you are looking for a national overview of the impact of HIV testing reimbursement at a health department level, these slides are worthwhile reading.

HIV Testing Policies and Procedures Example

Click here if you are looking for policies and operations examples for your HIV testing program!

National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Campaign

Click for resources like banners, social media content and videos from the CDC and other national Native-serving partner organizations.

2015 Coverage Guide for HIV Testing

Read this guide and learn how each major health care payer covers preventive services and specifically, HIV testing.