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High-Impact HIV Prevention (172)


Activity Guide: Assumptions and Impact

This exercise is intended to help employees discuss the relationship between personal opinions, feelings and assumptions, and delivering HIV prevention and care services.

Building Buy-in for Third Party Billing

Read this factsheet and learn about statute barriers and what changes may be necessary before your health department can begin submitting claims for third party billing.

HIV Prevention Programs and Reimbursement for HIV testing: Update (2013)

If you are looking for a national overview of the impact of HIV testing reimbursement at a health department level, these slides are worthwhile reading.

Gender Pronouns

Are you worried about using the wrong gender pronoun? Learn what words to use and when.

Trends in US HIV Diagnoses, 2005-2014

This interesting report highlights racial disparities and signs of progress.

Open Course: Understanding Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

OpenCourseWare makes this university course available to students who want to learn how to read and interpret cost-effectiveness studies.


Logic Model Practice Handout

Click here for handouts to practice creating your own logic models.

Healthcare Reform and Cost Effectiveness (2010)

This article shares examples of cost-effectiveness strategies and explains the rational behind the Affordable Care Act and its implications for healthcare providers.

Intentional Leadership in CBOs Webinar Series

Watch this leadership webinar series produced by our capacity building colleagues at the Community Impact Solutions Project to learn how to nurture leadership for organizations who are staffed by and/or serve Black MSM (men who have sex with other men).

HIV Care Continuum and Housing

This resource highlights key findings from research studies to demonstrate the impact that stable housing has on each step of the HIV Care Continuum.