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Board of Directors (43)


Webinar Slides: Got Board Sense?

Do you want to learn how to maximize the role of your Board of Directors? Read this presentation now!


Leadership Science

This downloadable article from The New Yorker magazine answers the question “How much do we really know about what makes a great leader?” Click here to find out.


Board of Directors – Roles Overview

What is Board Secretary? What is the purpose of the Vice Chair? Read this document to learn the answers to these question.

The Leadership Challenge: Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership

Click hear to learn about the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership from Barry Posner and Jim Kouzes.


Board of Directors – Sample Board Binder

Are you making a binder for your board of directors? Don’t start from scratch. Start here.


Board and Staff Responsibilities Overview

Sometimes it isn’t clear whether a Board of Directors or an Executive Director should develop an organizational vision. Read this handout to learn how to divide responsibilities.

Budget Templates and Fiscal Policies

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Click this link and download a collection of useful budget and strategy templates and guides from CompassPoint.

Unconventional Strategy Wisdom

Before your next strategy meeting, read this short Bridgespan interview with University of Toronto Business School Dean and Professor Roger Martin.

How to Build a Hiring Team

This toolkit will help you build a successful hiring team, timeline the hiring process, and assign roles and responsibilities to team members.


Feedback Method: I Like, I Wish, What If

Do you need feedback for your projects? Do you want your staff to know how to ask each other for feedback? Read this one-page guide and learn how a simple phrase like “I wish” can transform this process for your program.