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Holly Avey PhD, MPH

Holly Avey PhD, MPH

Director of Monitoring and Evaluation

Holly is the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation in APIAHF’s Chief Strategy Office. In her role she collects and analyzes data to assess client satisfaction, organization and division progress toward goals, and overall lessons learned. Holly uses her skills as a listener, observer, and big-picture thinker to pose the questions that can prompt greater reflection and connect the dots between current activities and long-term strategy.

Her father was a journalist and her mother was a nurse, leading her to degrees in similar fields of Creative Writing and Health Education. Her brother was a competitive cyclist and she became an amateur massage therapist for his team. Then her career journey began: integrating complementary & alternative medicine into college health -> teaching stress management in a hospital for the indigent -> learning from clients that racism + poverty = stress -> researching the relationship between structural sources of chronic stress and health disparities -> assessing the impacts of policies on the social determinants of health using Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) -> evaluating equity, community engagement, & empowerment in HIAs -> applying evaluation tools to support Capacity for Health’s equity goals.

Holly has lived in the Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Western parts of the U.S. and traveled to several other parts of the world. She often straddles between different personality and leadership types and categories, and she sees more commonalities than differences between people. If she were a Muppet, she would be a combination of Beaker and Animal.