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HIV Fundamentals E-Learning Course

Check out this excellent self-paced e-learning course on HIV Fundamentals from our colleagues at Community Impact Solutions. Encourage your staff (new and experienced) to take the course and refresh their knowledge.


E-Mail Management for Program Managers

Do you need help managing your email? Read this and learn how the Four D’s can make your email woes disappear.

CROI 2016: HIV-1 Infection Despite PrEP

Click this link and listen to Dr. David Knox’s 2016 CROI presentation on a patient who became HIV-positive while adhering to PrEP (Truvada).

Kellog Foundation Evaluation Handbook

Looking for non-federal evaluation guidance? Browse this “Evaluation Handbook” from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation for templates, examples, and helpful suggestions.

The Change Cycle Overview

Are you managing a change in your organization or health department? Chances are, your answer is “yes.” Click here for a tool to help you manage yourself and others through change.

Third Party Billing Toolkit

If you are new to third-party billing, this is the perfect place to start.


Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Guidance Overview and Checklist (2016)

Download this short overview and checklist to make sure you are correctly following the CDC and HRSA’s integrated plan guidance.


Outreach Safety Overview & Checklist

Do you work with outreach teams? Download this document to prepare your employees for safety in the field.


Targeted HIV Testing Template

Download this template to create a thorough targeted HIV testing recruitment plan.

Webinar: Got Board Sense? Building a Sustainable Board of Directors

Do you want to learn how to maximize the role of your Board of Directors? Watch this presentation now!

More Resources

Integrating HIV Testing in Primary Care

Are you integrating HIV testing into primary care visits? Read these resources from our colleagues at HIP in Healthcare.

Delivering HIV Rapid Test Results in the Field

Click here for a 35-minute video demonstration of counseling approaches for effectively and compassionately delivering HIV test results.

Retaining PLWHA in Care Webinar Slides

This webinar, facilitated by AIDS United, will teach you about a program’s success despite its rural location and a client population with diverse needs (alcohol/drug use, mental disorders, and HIV).

Scholarly Article: Comprehensive Case Management

Read the abstract to learn more about the intervention and consider how your prevention services can support the health of people living with multiple comorbid conditions.

HIV Testing and Millenials: A Review of 2016 Pediatrics Publication

Are you a communications specialist looking for some good data on HIV testing and millenials? Read this short article published by Mic.

CDC’s Beta HIV Risk Tool

CDC created an online tool to help people assess their risk for HIV contraction. Click here to see it in action!

HIV Testing and Pregnancy Toolkit

PROCEED Inc.’s HIV Testing and Pregnancy Toolkit is designed “to help organizations reduce perinatal HIV infections in their communities. The kit includes reference guides, fact sheets, brochures and information on topics related to HIV and pregnancy.”

TB and Diabetes in the Pacific

In this recorded talk from late October, 2014, Dr. Richard Brostrom (HI) discusses challenges and successes from Pacific Island Jurisdiction TB and diabetes providers.

Webinar: Evaluation Basics

Are you preparing to write a grant? Watch this 1 hour video and learn how to write an evaluation plan for a grant proposal.

Webinar: Developing a Logic Model

Are you preparing to write a grant? Watch this 1 hour video and learn how to develop a logic model.