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Online Training: Implementing an HIV Testing Program

This online training is part of a series of online trainings explaining new directions in HIV prevention as put forth in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) new High Impact HIV Prevention approach. This online training focuses on the current best practices in HIV testing and understanding HIV testing strategies within the context of High Impact HIV Prevention. This module explores best practices for implementing an HIV testing program, including reviewing new HIV testing algorithms. For participants who are new to HIV testing, it is highly recommended to complete the first module, *An Overview of High Impact HIV Testing*, prior to participating in this online training as this online training draws on the basic concepts and HIV testing models explained in the first module.

Further online trainings in the High Impact HIV Prevention series also cover: *An Overview of High Impact HIV Prevention*, *Prevention with Positives*, *Linkage to Care*, and *Treatment as Prevention and Effective Medication Adherence Interventions*, and *Overview of High Impact HIV Testing*. The High Impact HIV Testing modules are accompanied by four informational sheets: *An Overview of CTR*, *An Overview of Rapid Testing*, *Prevention with Positives*, and *High Impact HIV Testing*.


Media Type: E-Learning

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