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Nonprofit Tools, 2015

The Bridgespan Group is a national, nonprofit consulting firm related to the corporate firm Bain & Company. If this is the first time you’ve heard of Bridgespan, we encourage you to browse their resources and publications. This national organization regularly publishes research about team building, leadership development, and fundraising in the nonprofit sector.

In 2015, Bridgespan conducted a study about ‘tool use’ among nonprofits. (By tools, they mean management systems or strategy frameworks, not wrenches or lathes.) The published study includes advice from nonprofit leaders: 1) be extremely thoughtful about the tools you use, 2) allocate sufficient time to understand how to implement them, and 3) be patient.

After conducting the study, Bridgespan developed a fabulous toolbox for nonprofit employees. Tools are organized by function and only the best have been recommended. While it make take you time to sift through these options, it may be worthwhile.

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