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HIV Prevention Programs and Reimbursement for HIV testing: Update (2013)

At the 2013 United States Conference on AIDS (USCA), Pascale Wortley, MD, MPH (CDC, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention) gave a presentation on reimbursement for HIV testing. Dr. Wortley encouraged listeners to consider testing reimbursement because of three factors: 1) Increase in insured population, 2) Mechanism for increasing sustainability of programmatic activities, and 3) Diversifying funding streams of health departments.

If you are looking for a national overview of the impact of HIV testing reimbursement at a health department level, these slides are worthwhile reading. The presentation includes online resources for additional information, examples from emergency departments and community health centers, and lessons learned from immunization billing reimbursement. We are grateful to our colleagues at the AIDS Institute for making these slides available.

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