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Crafting Appreciative Inquiry Based Questions

Are you looking for a new strengths-based problem-solving approach?

Appreciative inquiry is an approach to organizational and community development that has been used successfully worldwide to cultivate hope, build capacity, unleash collective appreciation and imagination, and bring about positive change. It is based on the simple idea that human beings move in the direction of what we ask about. When groups query human problems and conflicts, they often inadvertently magnify the very problems they had hoped to resolve. Conversely, when groups study exalted human values and achievements, like peak experiences, best practices, and worthy accomplishments, these phenomena tend to flourish.


The words above come from Imagine Chicago founder Bliss Browne. Download this document to learn more about appreciative inquiry and how you can use it to help your community, strengthen your organization, or support a grantee.


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Crafting Appreciative Questions

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