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2015 Coverage Guide for HIV Testing

Our colleagues at the AIDS Institute are working hard to supply HIV prevention and care providers with important information related to the Affordable Care Act’s impact on HIV services.  This guide explains how each major health care payer covers preventive services and specifically, HIV testing.

For more rational, read the following from the AIDS Institute:

Under health reform, millions of people are gaining access to health coverage through an optional state expansion of Medicaid, private insurance Marketplaces, and insurance reforms. Included in this coverage expansion is access to free or low-cost preventive services. The United States Preventative Task Force (USPSTF), an independent government supported body, reviews and grades preventative services. Grades by the USPSTF are key to coverage. Under the ACA, Medicaid, and private insurance are either required or incentivized to cover “A” and “B” graded services. Medicare coverage is permitted following a national coverage determination process.


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