Case Study

The Scope of Our Capacity Building Services

Since 2011, Capacity for Health has been working with AltaMed in achieving their mission “to eliminate disparities in health care access and outcomes by providing superior quality health and human services through an integrated world-class delivery system.” What initially began as a response to leadership training, needs have now grown into an on-going, multi-spectral capacity building relationship across AltaMed’s HIV Services division.

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C4H’s Role

C4H has worked with AltaMed to strengthen their leadership, staff, and HIV programs. We conducted needs assessments, produced tailored trainings and other blended learning methods to meet the needs of their team. The end results have been an increase in competency levels and delivery of services.

Leadership Development

Empowering supervisors and management for success


C4H worked directly with AltaMed to identify unique skill-building needs during a period of big changes for the organization. This included staff growth and organizational restructuring, as well as paradigm shifts in the national HIV prevention strategy.

The resulting products included tailored 1-on-1 coaching and group trainings that enabled AltaMed’s leadership team to meet these challenges.

Participants learned theoretical and practical application of frameworks for effective supervisors and managers. In the end, AltaMed’s leadership gained:



  • Staff supervision
  • Managing change
  • Time management
  • Transition planning


  • Motivate staff
  • Performance evaluations
  • Professional development
  • Effective supervision


  • Understanding unique needs of staff
  • Supporting and managing teams
  • Improve staff performance
  • Increase staff productivity

Grant Writing Training

Organizational sustainability through nonprofit finance

C4H’s commitment to clients goes beyond training, which is just the start of our capacity building work.

After attending C4H’s open training on Fundamentals of Grant Writing, AltaMed requested assistance in enhancing their ability to respond to future Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

C4H provided AltaMed staff with further grant writing coaching, which included best practices for narrative structure, budget presentation, identifying weak or missing elements, and mock scoring of proposal drafts.

The Fundamentals of Grant Writing training itself covered:

  • Structure and key elements of grant proposals
  • Development plans for writing, reviewing, and evaluating applications
  • SMART goals and objectives
  • Budget narrative and justification
  • Strategies for effective grant writing processes

Optimizing Programs

Improving HIV Care Continuum

Under national High-Impact HIV Prevention (HIP) guidelines, service providers have the difficult task of running programs that can identify, deliver, and retain people living with HIV into care.

AltaMed’s mobile HIV testing program was experiencing a lower rate of successful linkage to care compared to their in-house clinic. To increase this rate, C4H identified communications issues among the clinical, mobile unit, and linkage counseling staff. C4H then worked with AltaMed in authoring a new protocol system that seamlessly moved clients between testing, referal, and linkage services.

Capacity for Health has helped me in so many ways. They have been one of my secret weapons to taking our program to another level.

Natalie Sanchez

Prevention Manager

About AltaMed HIV Services

AltaMed has been providing quality HIV and AIDS health care to Los Angeles’ Latino, multi-ethnic and underserved communities for over 20 years. Our services include specialty care, treatment, prevention services, counseling, and access to clinical trials.

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