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Since 2011, Capacity for Health has been working with AltaMed in achieving their mission “to eliminate disparities in health care access and outcomes by providing superior quality health and human services through an integrated world-class delivery system.”

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HIV Prevention

Capacity for Health (C4H) was originally founded by leaders in the public health sector to elevate the HIV workforce throughout the United States. We come from communities of service providers, nonprofits, health departments, and healthcare organizations. We imagine new possibilities for operating successful organizations and public health programs—drawing upon innovation and best practices—and then make them real. We aspire to empower you with the tools to build healthier communities on the local, regional, and national level.

C4H’s mission is to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits organizations, health departments, and healthcare organizations to plan, implement, and sustain effective and high impact approaches to improve health and reduce health disparities across the U.S. and its territories.

The Challenge

Maya at the C4H booth at USCA 2015

Maya Kageyama stands before a wall of goals and aspirations from HIV prevention workers across the U.S.

Now is an exciting time in public health. Advances in science and data are changing the ways we conceptualize disease prevention, care services, and health promotion. But scarce resources mean that nonprofits and health departments are facing challenging choices and trade-offs. These include targeting efforts to higher risk populations, shifting away from longtime programming, and managing corresponding changes within an organization. All daunting challenges.

In order to succeed, you need to be able to reach across many areas of concern for your programs, as well as more intensive organizational thinking.

What We Do

Capacity for Health's Gabriel Rendon delivering a training for Program Managers

Capacity for Health’s Gabriel Rendon delivering a training for Program Managers

C4H provides capacity building, which moves beyond just consulting services for you and your organization. Rather, we specialize in growing your skills, knowledge, and confidence to achieve your own goals. As with the proverb: we teach you how to fish to feed you for a lifetime.

We achieve this by providing tailored trainings, 1-on-1 coaching, technical assistance, and more to nonprofits and health departments. We are client-centered in our approach, focusing on the unique challenges and abilities you or your agency bring to the table. We get to the foundation of how to increase your capacity for self-reliance so you can thrive in the long run.

Our History and Values

C4H was originally founded by the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum in 1993 as a response to gaps in resources within the HIV/AIDS service industry. We saw an important opportunity to support and uplift service providers that were fighting HIV in underserved communities. We knew that in order to realize their goals, service providers and their leaders would need to maximize the tools they call upon to do their work. For nearly 25 years now, C4H has been funded by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention to continue its work in developing the abilities of nonprofit and health departments to achieve excellence in public health.

C4H’s capacity building services draws upon its parent organization’s values of:

  • RESPECT because we affirm the identity, rights and dignity of all people.
  • FAIRNESS in how people are treated by others and by institutions, including who participates in decision making processes.
  • EQUITY in power, opportunities, and resources to address obstacles, hindering vulnerable communities and groups from living their healthiest lives.

Client Quote

“Capacity for Health has been one of my secret weapons to taking our program to another level.”

Natalie Sanchez, Prevention Manager, AltaMed

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